Ramadan-ul-Moazzum 1437H – Iftari

Shehre Ramadan-ul-Moazzam will be with us in few days. Mumineen all over bilad-e-imaniyah are preparing for this month of ibadat and barakat. Iftari for all the rozadaars will be arranged and served. Arrangements of the iftari items such as Tamar, milk, cookies and tea will be done by mawaid team. Mumineen who wish to participate in this barakat are requested to register their names. Based on estimated cost, hub amount for iftari for each night is $1353.00. Iftari hub raqam should be paid in advance, if not paid, that day’s iftari may be given to someone else. For iftari, please register your names with: Shk Ali Haider bhai Kanpurwala Cell : (713) 240-6473